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Laura Croitoru

I am Laura, the founder of Lifebloom, a certified NeuroMindfulness and family coach and mother of two amazing kids. I started in the corporate world and after my first daughter was born, I took a complete career change and fell in love with neuroscience, instructional design and coaching.


 Learning about ground-breaking research and findings in neuroscience made me realize what a huge difference this information can make in the life of my family and in the way I parent my children.

I develop content based on neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness practice that aims to empower kids to believe in themselves and their dreams, to develop the mindset for happiness, confidence, and success in their lives, and to know that everything is possible.

My dream is to offer all children content designed in an attractive way and adapted to their age which will equip them with the right tools to support their emotional and mental health and to develop important skills to help them successfully face the challenges of life, have the confidence to pursue their dreams and build a happy and fulfilling life

I am also on a mission to empower parents to become the best version they can be and equip their children with essential life skills, nurture their minds and souls so they can thrive in their lives. How we parent our children determines not only the future adults they will become but the society they will create. I believe that a better world for tomorrow starts with making better parenting decisions today.

Happy leaning :)

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