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Watch this if your kid doesn't answer to your WHY question.

Have you ever asked your kid the question WHY and struggled to get an answer? This happened to me a lot and after researching what experts say I realized there is a better way to ask this question. The issues is that WHY is abstract (ex. why you feel angry?) this is a question that even an adult with a psychology degree may not be able to have a straightforward answer. A better, more specific question to ask is "what made you feel angry", and then you will quicker get a specific answer like maybe "because you tied my laces and I wanted to do it myself..."

Siblings often fight? Here are three techniques that helps improve their relationship.

My kids used to fight a lot. It just didn't feel they are set for a good relationship ahead. We've researched and found the best ways how to help siblings build a great sustainable relationship. Here i am sharing 3 tips that helped us become better parents by steering our kids towards a great relationship which now they enjoy. (we enjoy it too! :)