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Since you are on this page, you are already a good parent! 

It is hard for a busy parent to learn, memorize and then apply all the necessary parenting skills these days. The good and the bad news is that there is a lot of great parenting content out there. It's good because we now have a lot of parenting advises backed up by science (not folklore) that can help nurture a confident, emotionally and physically balanced child. The bad news is that it is too much information out there. It is not feasible for a parent (who most probably has three full time jobs - child, house, job) to spend tons of hours, to identify a good source then to read, go to courses, then find a way to memorize all that in order to apply when situation appears. Not as easy.


At lifebloom our purpose is to help busy parents become their best version they can be.

We went through hundreds of hours of books, courses, blogs and videos then summarized what works best into small practical bits we call BLOOMS. We tested as much as we could and combined the essence of that knowledge with behavioral and learning science (to make those skills stick easily) + the technology that allowed us to deliver the content highly personalized to each parent's current needs.  And that's how we believe the modern day busy parent can become best version they can be so that their children will make the world a better place in a generation.

In conclusion, lifebloom is the parenting tool for busy parents.

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