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The parent's guide for building healthy tech habits for kids growing up in a world of devices

Our interactive learning program has 8 different modules that empower parents with the right knowledge to support their children to navigate successfully the digital world and overcome its challenges.

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Here is a sneak peek of what you can learn in this program

• How to make sure your kids are ready for the responsibility that comes with having their own smartphone


• How to stop fighting over screen time and balance digital media and real life

• How to set clear limits and effective family rules around technology

• How to help children navigate successfully the online world and make smart decisions on their phone

• What are the risks for children on the internet and what can parents do to reduce them

• Simple strategies to avoid some of the most harmful consequences of unhealthy tech use such as anxiety, cyberbullying, or tech addiction

• Strategies to support your child’s wellbeing and model tech positive behavior

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