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The Happy Kid Journal

empowering kids to believe in themselves and their dreams, to develop the mindset for happiness, confidence and success in their lives and know that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE

The Happy Kid Journal is based on proven positive psychology research and neuroscience

In just 5 minutes each day, the journaling practice will train your children’s brain to focus on the positive aspects of their lives and develop the mindset, resilience, and life skills to thrive in the 21st-century world and foster wellbeing

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Happy kid journal will help your child to


Improve self awearness

Children learn more about themselves through self discovery which will help them understand themselves better


Develop emotional intelligence

Journaling helps children to clarify feelings and to process their thoughts and emotions better 


Cultivate gratitude

Journaling creates a positive habit of appreciating things and practicing daily gratitude


Build a positive mindset

Writing about the positive aspects of each day will make children more optimistic, they will feel more positive emotions and be more happy  


Enhance creativity

Journaling will enhance children's creativity by giving them the opportunity to practice daily creative self expression


Improve problem solving skills

Writing will give children the chance to reflect on solutions and improve their problem solving skills

Happy Kids Huddle

Our mission is to help kids and teens develop the mindset, resilience, and life skills to thrive in the 21st-century world and foster well-being through educational tools based on neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness practice

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We believe in giving back

Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive

For every Happy Kid Journal we sell, 10% of our profit is allocated to provide journals to children whose families cannot afford to buy them.

Buying a Happy Kid Journal for your child means that you are supporting both your child and other children to embark on a journey of personal growth 

Children are our most valuable resource for a better tomorrow

Let's give them the gift of confidence!

Happy Kids Huddle

Our story...

This journal is the passion project of 2 twin sisters, Laura and Roxana who wanted to offer their children a tool they would have liked to have as children.  After combining personal experience, scientific research and studies, and lots of passion, The Happy Kid Journal was born.

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"We dreamed of offering all children content designed in an attractive way and adapted to their age which will equip them with the right tools to support their emotional and mental health and to develop important skills to help them successfully face the challenges of life, have the confidence to pursue their dreams and build a happy and fulfilling life"

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