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Parenting solutions for busy parents

"Straight to the point parenting guide designed for busy parents. "

This course includes up-to-date parenting science, practical techniques, and specific solutions for the most common parenting challenges. 

This course is for parents with children 0-12 years old.

Total course length: 95 min, average 2 min/video.

Course contents:

Part 1: Preventing most common parenting challenges

  1.  Introduction

  2. Breaking the vicious circle – what skills parents need

  3. Understanding children behaviour – the 3 main drivers

  4. Need for connection – how it manifests

  5. Need for control - how it manifests

  6. Need for competence - how it manifests

  7. Intentional behaviour vs Unintentional behaviour

  8. Practical techniques: How to satisfy the need for connection

  9. Practical techniques: How to satisfy the need for control

  10. Practical techniques: How to satisfy the need for competence

  11. One powerful technique. How to satisfy ALL 3 needs at once?

  12. Summary

Part 2: Solutions for most common parenting challenges.

  1. Misbehaviour – problem or symptom?

  2. Attention seeking behaviour - solutions

  3. Kids constantly interrupting – solutions

  4. Kids whining – solutions

  5. Notice good behaviour – practical technique

  6. A better alternative to negative statements

  7. Getting kids' cooperation. Cooperation vs Obedience

  8. Setting limits – practical techniques

  9. Kids push limits –  practical techniques

  10. How to replace “Because I said so” – practical techniques

  11. How to replace nagging – solutions

  12. Cooperative children – 7 practical techniques

  13. Why do Kids refuse? Power struggles

  14. Kids refuse to turn off screens. Limiting screen time – solutions

  15. Kids refuse to tidy up – solutions

  16. Kids refuse to brush their teeth – solutions

  17. Why kids hit – solutions

  18. Kids refuse to do homework – solutions

  19. Mealtime, bath time, bedtime struggles – solutions

  20. Why kids refuse to share – solutions

  21. A better alternative to negative statements

  22. Summary

Part 3: Stopping negative behaviour in a positive way.

  1. Traditional versus positive discipline

  2. What is happening in your children’s brain?

  3. Behaviour, consequences and responsibility

  4. How to influence behaviour using natural consequences

  5. How to influence behaviour using logical consequences

  6. Examples and solutions (smaller kids)

  7. Examples and solutions (older kids)

  8. Discipline – pragmatic techniques

  9. Summary


  1. Family meetings

  2. Final thoughts


We did our best to make this course accessible to parents who value the modern-day parenting knowledge and techniques.


Our goal is to equip today's busy parents with techniques and solutions that will help their children blossom. We believe that a better world tomorrow starts with better parenting decisions today.

If you really want to attend the course, but you cannot afford it, please contact us and we will do our best to find a partial or full scholarship. The application process is very simple: share this page on your social media, and write to us:

  • why you are in a vulnerable situation right now (single parent, unemployed, working for an NGO etc.).

  • how you will use the knowledge to make a positive difference in the world.

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