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Book: Grit - why passion and resilience are the secrets to success. By Angela Duckworth.

Really great resource that answered for me the question: How can I support children to persevere towards their passion so they love what they do later in life. Really loved the story of the 3 bricklayers that were asked what they are doing? Three different responses were: I am laying bricks - that's a job. I am building a church - that's a career. I am building the house of God - that's a purpose.

In later chapters of the book, I discovered a simple yet powerful formula of how one can get to love what they do.

  1. People who love what they do are people with a strong sense of purpose. People with a mission bigger than themselves. People with a continuously exciting calling. This makes people feel a number of strong emotions including the emotion you feel when you've helped someone for example. These types of emotions trigger the brain to release hormones that are addictive. And that's why I believe such people will bounce forward after facing difficulty and will figure it out and persevere in their efforts to achieve their mission.

  2. The big bold purpose is not enough. It requires that those people feel capable of achieving that big bold mission. The capability - that more often than not is built with experience in time after exploring a number of interests and sticking to one at some point in time.

#Grit, #Purpose, #Perseverence. #Passion

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