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HEY BUSY PARENT! Are you the best parent you can be? Join my journey!

I'm a parent and my quest is to discover and apply what it takes to be the best parent i can be. ​

I realized how little we know about what it takes to grow healthy, confident, emotionally balanced and passionate kids. We attend universities to learn how to build rockets, buildings, bridges and companies but none of us had a course called "parenting" during our university years. ​ Then, life gets busy and occasionally you get the privilege to become a parent, now what?

You have a busy career and you haven't got the "user manual" for your new born, and every year is a different challenge that requires loads of knowledge. ​​ I will share my discoveries in weekly videos with the purpose to enable as many parents as possible to be their best version so that next generation makes the world a better place.

Join my journey, subscribe this channel and comment the videos so that i know what topics share first.

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