Parenting solutions for busy parents

Parenting solutions for busy parents


We designed this program with busy parents in mind, that’s why the program is focused 100% on solutions and practical parenting information on how to deal with some of the most common parenting challenges: negative behaviours and lack of cooperation. Parenting Solutions for Busy Parents is for those parents that don’t have the time to spend 30+ hours on parenting books and course, but they DO want to become quickly best parents they can be for their children.


We invite you on a quick journey, where you can learn practical and simple tools, techniques and solutions to apply daily, so you can become “best parent you can be for your child.”

The program brings you there in 3 steps.


Step 1: Prevention – How to prevent most common parenting challenges?

  • Understand your child’s Basic Psychological Needs which drive behaviour.
  • Simple tools and techniques to satisfy your child’s needs and prevent negative behaviour.


Step 2: Manage – How to manage negative behaviours and lack of cooperation?

  • Simple tools to manage the most common misbehaviours quickly and efficiently without using nagging, threats or shaming.
  • Simple tools to get children’s cooperation without any briberies, rewards, punishments or traditional wisdom like counting to 3.


Step 3: Discipline - How to use discipline to STOP negative behaviours and lack of cooperation in a positive way?

  • How to use effective discipline techniques to stop negative behaviours.
  • How to get your kids cooperation without using punishments.